I’ve been on the verge of a panic attack all week and I kinda need some comfort

Can I just get some nice words or something, I think I really need it right now


Defend the protesters in Ferguson when they peacefully protest.
Defend the protesters in Ferguson when they riot.


I nominate tony abbott to do The Ice Bucket Challenge with lava


this may come as sad news for some of you but Outer Space is Gay. all of it


What’s important to you?

What’s important here?




im laughing so hard there’s a practically untapped supply of javert hot fuzz jokes

no luck catchin’ them convicts then

get a look at his staaarrrrrs

ever fired your gun in the air and yelled VALJEAAAAAAAAHHHN

overenthusiasticallyfangirling replied to your post: “i bought a shoulder brace today for my fucked up shoulder but i forgot…”:
Yikes! Icing my knee rn, prob should get a brace too :/ Good luck!

My shoulder’s been all fucked up forever! I dislocated it in early 2011 while lifting up my heavy school bag. Thankfully it popped back in straight away, but it’s been playing up ever since. I’m only just putting a brace on it now because this is the first time I’ve seen one for sale that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

i bought a shoulder brace today for my fucked up shoulder but i forgot to take my boobs into account

Do really good ideas for stories ever come to you in the middle of the night and you’re just pissed off because you have an early start the next morning and you can’t really do anything about the idea


I’m pissing myself laughing at the Beatles fans who are saddened that Kanye West might make an album w/ Paul McCartney because now they’ll be left with the age old challenge of being a classic rock fan, "should I stick with my racially bias opinion of music or admit that rap is a legitimate art form?" I can hardly wait for all the cry babies I’m jerking off rn just thinking about it

bleh i hate football fans after a win

almost got knocked out by an overenthusiastic Port fan on the tram today as he he pumped his fist and shouted ‘POWER!!!!’ to the rest of the passengers

i’m watching Outlander w/ mum… and Dad’s come in too…